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SNOW?? What the fuck??

Earth today

-Mirabeau B.


Encounter With A Cliché

I was standing on line in CVS today and couldn’t help but notice the man working behind the counter. Who was he? A thirty-ish year old fellow, short, slightly pudgy, he looked almost exactly like a lot of people that I’ve seen before. Maybe I had seen him before. I wouldn’t know. He looked like a human cliché.

What were his hopes, I thought silently to myself. What are his is ambitions? What excites him to the verge of ecstasy, what is he passionate about? In other words, (but the same words I used before) who was this man?

I didn’t ask him any of these questions, if that’s what you’re wondering. That would have been weird. No, I resigned myself to the usual pleasantries and left the store just like every customer he had ever serviced before and after. I left without so much as a goodbye. But the thought of this man still lingered with me long after I had driven away from the store. Why was an adult man, far older than myself, working the counter at CVS? That really has to suck… Panic began to grip me. Is it because of the economy? Are things really that bad? What if… I end up like him? Behind the counter of a CVS?!… What if things are really that bad?…

Well, I didn’t have an answer to those questions at the time so I hastily dispelled them from my mind like a dead rat. Lying in bed tonight though, the currents of my thoughts (inevitably?) brought them back to the surface, and I think I have the answers now.

Sure that guy looked depressing as hell, slightly belittled in his inferior position of servitude, but even if I were to end up standing behind that exact same counter ten, twenty years from now, I can take comfort in the fact that I am not him. Sure my job might suck and I won’t have much by way of extravagance in my life, but I know what interests me, I know what I’m passionate about and (hopefully) I will never forget those things. Even if I end up as a “lowly” CVS clerk scanning bar codes all day long, I’ll be able to come home at night and retreat to the solitude of a great novel or ponder the nature of light, the universe. I don’t have to be depressing. I can still be me no matter how shittacular of a job I end up landing. And I’m ok with that.

Such are thoughts to set dreams afloat.

-Mirabeau B.

Another Crumby Post

The Onion does it again!

Bunch of Phonies Mourn J.D. Salinger

“That’s all bullshit!”

A good friend of mine (known amongst various competitive bowling circles as Disco Stu, to others he is simply McMichaelson) turned me on to this song I’m currently obsessed with by classic rock band Styx:

Kick back, crack open a brew, load a bowl, mix various poisonous substances into a potent concoction of misery and death in your souvenir Las Vegas shot glass (aah! I know you have one!) and give the song a listen. But please please please pay attention to the lyrics. It’s poetry and philosophy and everything in between.

If anything, do it for all the poor souls who have died in various horrific ways and were not Glenn Beck.

-Mirabeau B.

Personal Perspective

At market’s end today (1/27/10), the price of gold was valued at $1,086.50 per oz. Silver, on the other hand, stood at a significantly lower $16.43 per oz.

Want to know the difference between these two commodities? The nucleus of one atom of gold contains 79 protons while the nucleus of one atom of silver holds 47.

(The radius of a proton is roughly 10-15 m)

-Mirabeau B.

GEC and Our Cosmic Purpose

Oh my word. Check out this breathtaking image of Saturn’s moon Titan with her sister moon Tethys orbiting behind (courtesy of one of the coolest sites on the web, Astronomy Picture of the Day):

Pictures like this always seem to inspire me. Titan looks so beautiful here, almost like a colossal egg slowly rotating and revolving through the blackness of space. This image got me thinking about things greater than ourselves, that maybe terrestrial planets such as earth are just gigantic cosmic eggs which, under the right circumstances (their constituency of elements, distance from the sun, etc…), give birth to life.

When I apply this analogy to earth, I find myself stuck on the question: what is the “chicken” that the earth is trying to hatch? Are we (humans) it?

While humans are an incredibly successful species – as evidenced by our totally unmatched ability to annihilate absolutely anything and everything around us, even ourselves – the concept of natural selection seems to imply that each successive evolutionary step is a fine-tuning of our genes (there are exceptions I am sure, but on the whole my limited knowledge of biology seems to suggest this trend to be true). Maybe evolution has one final step to take in the creation of the Great Earth-born Chicken (GEC), and  maybe humans are merely a means to this end.

I pulled this straight from Wikipedia, which explains the concept far more precisely than I can:

A singularity is a point at which an otherwise continuous mathematical progression becomes effectively infinite, implying that all continuous extrapolation breaks down beyond that point. Technological singularity refers to the hypothesis that technological progress will reach such an infinite or extremely high value at a point in the near future.

Maybe technological singularity through the creation of an artificial intelligence is the chicken all our work and hustle and bustle is leading up to. Maybe humans are the “DNA”, so to speak, inside the seething yoke of this terrestrial egg, trying to organize matter into its ultimate form.

I hope it looks like a big-ass chicken.

-Mirabeau B.

The Truth Behind *ahem* Whitesnake

Last night I was driving to HEB at some ungodly hour to buy batteries for my fat ass TI-84 Plus. I usually like to listen to my iPod when I’m cruisin’ in my whip but unfortunately the damn thing is on vacation at the moment (I lost it), so I’ve been listening to the radio instead. Normally I’m tuned in to 103.5 Bob FM (shameless plug for a pretty legit station) but I think last night I had it on some other station. After catching the tail end of a song I don’t remember, I got to hear this awesome number by ’80s metal band Whitesnake:

The guitar work is really heavy shit and I thoroughly enjoyed the song whilst sitting in the HEB parking lot all by my lonesome. I enjoyed it so much in fact, that when I got home and loaded those overpriced triple A batteries I bought into my calc, I started downloading The Best of Whitesnake… by Whitesnake! (DL’ed from The Pirate Bay, of course. BitTorrent til I die, bitch!)

If you haven’t listened to the song above yet, give it a shot. I realize that Still of the Night isn’t much by way of lyrical profundity (“Now I just wanna get close to you/ An’ taste your love so sweet/ And I just wanna make love to you/ Feel your body heat…”), but I thought, what the hell, these guys are clearly insanely talented and they wrote Here I Go Again, which is a great song that I really like. Surely they’ve made more music with depth. Surely they have at least a few songs I can sit down and really chew on for a while, really get some deeper meaning out of. Surely…

Not. With the sole and lonely exception of Here I Go Again, here are a few select songs from their best of album in no particular order: Fool For Your Lovin’, Love Aint No Stranger, Is This Love, Slide It In, Slow An’ Easy.

Here’s the chorus to Slide It In:

I’m gonna slide it in
Right to the top,
Slide it in,
I ain’t never gonna stop
Slide it in,
Right to the top,
I’m gonna slide it in, slide it in,
Slide it, in baby…

The rest of the lyrics are here.

Maybe this “best of” album is missing a lot of their better earlier work. I sure hope so. It seems to me that Whitesnake isn’t much more than a means for its constituents to play hardcore love songs and get laid on a constant basis… which makes them really bad ass, come to think of it! I mean, come on, even the name Whitesnake… 8===D~~. You get it now.

Hats off to Whitesnake for being incredible musicians, nearly hopeless lyricists and ultimate hardcore badasses.

“I’m gonna slide it in, right to the top! Gonna slide it in, I aint never gonna stop!”

Don’t ever stop, Whitesnake. Don’t ever stop.

-Mirabeau B.

The Ancient Epitaphs…

For my first post I’d like to share with you something profound (don’t worry, all of my posts hereafter will lapse deeper and deeper into the utterly perverse and catastrophic nature of my mind so let’s just get the good stuff out of the way right now).

Last week I found myself studying in the Life Science Library on the third floor of the main building. If you’re unfamiliar with the place, I suggest you cartwheel your ass over to it immediately. It’s the coolest place on campus if you ask me. And you should. Here’s why:

The Life Science Library’s reading room by far is the most awe inspiring academic setting UT has to offer. Not only is everyone usually very quiet while studying there, but the place is called the fucking Hall of Noble Words and every time you get tired or frustrated with your work, look up and you get a glorious view of the most serious quotes collection I have ever seen carved in gold on a ceiling. Here’s what my eyes were asundered with when I was there last week:

“What I spent I had; what I saved I lost; what I gave I have.” -Ancient Epitaph

Sit back. Let it sink in. Ruminate. Fondle it a bit (don’t be shy you dirty son of a bitch). Become enlightened by the penetrating wisdom of the ancient Epitaphs (a relatively obscure civilization of fur traders and car dealers who thrived in the lush forests and bountiful fields of the French Riviera before recorded time).

I used to go to the reading room just to read the quotes on the ceiling. Then I found this.

They’re all really good (understatement). I hope you enjoy them as much as I always will!

-Mirabeau B.