I’m not a huge fan of the nickname, but now that it looks like he’ll win the NBA scoring title (and is currently third in ESPN’s MVP watch), it seems like a good time to revisit this:

Knowing that just about any NBA general manager would trade his own children for a prospect of Durant’s caliber, I asked Winston if he’d advise his team to accept if the Mavericks were (in some alternate universe) offered Durant for free. “I’d say probably not,” he replied. “I would not sign the guy. It’s simply not inevitable that he’ll make mid-career strides. Some guys do. But many don’t, and he’d have to improve a lot to help a team.”

I’m not very high on the Mavericks playoff chances right now.  Even though they’re in position to have a pretty high seed, they actually have the lowest average point differential of any playoff team in the west.  Quotes like this make me worry about the future as well.  Anyway, here’s how the article ends:

And when I relayed Winston’s comment to one of the NBA’s most respected talent evaluators, his response was simply: “He’s crazy.”

Over the next few years, one of them will be proved wrong.


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