Save the Catus Cafe!…or not

The Texas Tribune reports that Austin’s beloved Catus Cafe is set to close this coming August.  UT administration cite budgetary constraints as the reason to shut down the modest but tradition rich venue.  As a semi-regular, it hurts me to see the place go.  It still is one of my favorite places to enjoy a drink, and the only place that I can between class.  However if the cafe is struggling it should not be permanently propped up by the administration.  It is shocking how few students know about the place tucked away in a corner of the Union.  I have not seen the management put any effort to engage the student population (in fact I have seen the management do little else than read the newspaper at the bar.)  I am all for letting the place be took over by the Texas Exes, or allowing private donations to subsidize the place if it cannot turn a profit.  But at the end of the day the Catus Cafe cannot cite its tradition as the only reason to keep the doors open.  The place needs to find a way to make money, or at the bare minimum, look like it is trying to.


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