Longhorn recruiting

Big  news for Texas recruiting today.  We landed 5-star prospects DE Jackson Jeffcoat and LB Jordan Hicks.  We had already landed 4-star recruits at every defensive position- 2 at DE, 2 at LB, 2 at DT, and 3 DB’s.  We also have this guy waiting in the wings from last year.  Will our defense ever be scored on again?  That remains to be seen.  On the offensive side of the ball we turned in some nice recruits as well.  A slew of 4-star wide receivers committed, and a couple of them are expected to compete for playing time next year.  We also received some 4-star recruits on the offensive line, but the biggest thing here should be getting last year’s 5-star recruit Mason Walters back from injury.  The biggest wild card of this class seems to be the running back position.  We only had one recruit here, Traylon Shead, and it’s hard to know how good he’ll be as he played  at the single A level in high school.  He absolutely dominated at that level, but it’s hard to know how that projects.  He is the first single A player Mack Brown has ever recruited.  We’ll also have Chris Whaley coming off his red shirt season, but some people think that he will be moved to tight end.


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