The Ancient Epitaphs…

For my first post I’d like to share with you something profound (don’t worry, all of my posts hereafter will lapse deeper and deeper into the utterly perverse and catastrophic nature of my mind so let’s just get the good stuff out of the way right now).

Last week I found myself studying in the Life Science Library on the third floor of the main building. If you’re unfamiliar with the place, I suggest you cartwheel your ass over to it immediately. It’s the coolest place on campus if you ask me. And you should. Here’s why:

The Life Science Library’s reading room by far is the most awe inspiring academic setting UT has to offer. Not only is everyone usually very quiet while studying there, but the place is called the fucking Hall of Noble Words and every time you get tired or frustrated with your work, look up and you get a glorious view of the most serious quotes collection I have ever seen carved in gold on a ceiling. Here’s what my eyes were asundered with when I was there last week:

“What I spent I had; what I saved I lost; what I gave I have.” -Ancient Epitaph

Sit back. Let it sink in. Ruminate. Fondle it a bit (don’t be shy you dirty son of a bitch). Become enlightened by the penetrating wisdom of the ancient Epitaphs (a relatively obscure civilization of fur traders and car dealers who thrived in the lush forests and bountiful fields of the French Riviera before recorded time).

I used to go to the reading room just to read the quotes on the ceiling. Then I found this.

They’re all really good (understatement). I hope you enjoy them as much as I always will!

-Mirabeau B.


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