GEC and Our Cosmic Purpose

Oh my word. Check out this breathtaking image of Saturn’s moon Titan with her sister moon Tethys orbiting behind (courtesy of one of the coolest sites on the web, Astronomy Picture of the Day):

Pictures like this always seem to inspire me. Titan looks so beautiful here, almost like a colossal egg slowly rotating and revolving through the blackness of space. This image got me thinking about things greater than ourselves, that maybe terrestrial planets such as earth are just gigantic cosmic eggs which, under the right circumstances (their constituency of elements, distance from the sun, etc…), give birth to life.

When I apply this analogy to earth, I find myself stuck on the question: what is the “chicken” that the earth is trying to hatch? Are we (humans) it?

While humans are an incredibly successful species – as evidenced by our totally unmatched ability to annihilate absolutely anything and everything around us, even ourselves – the concept of natural selection seems to imply that each successive evolutionary step is a fine-tuning of our genes (there are exceptions I am sure, but on the whole my limited knowledge of biology seems to suggest this trend to be true). Maybe evolution has one final step to take in the creation of the Great Earth-born Chicken (GEC), and  maybe humans are merely a means to this end.

I pulled this straight from Wikipedia, which explains the concept far more precisely than I can:

A singularity is a point at which an otherwise continuous mathematical progression becomes effectively infinite, implying that all continuous extrapolation breaks down beyond that point. Technological singularity refers to the hypothesis that technological progress will reach such an infinite or extremely high value at a point in the near future.

Maybe technological singularity through the creation of an artificial intelligence is the chicken all our work and hustle and bustle is leading up to. Maybe humans are the “DNA”, so to speak, inside the seething yoke of this terrestrial egg, trying to organize matter into its ultimate form.

I hope it looks like a big-ass chicken.

-Mirabeau B.


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  1. dailycrockett on

    Maybe it will look like this:

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