Palin-Perry 2012?

Paul Burka reports that Sarah Palin will appear at a Rick Perry rally on February 7, Suberbowl Sunday.  Really the two are quite a pair, both are unqualified to govern a state, yet both harbor higher ambitions.  I just wanted to mull over what a nightmare ticket this would be for the state I love so much.  The sad truth is though, that as weak and desperate the RNC are today, a Palin/Perry or Perry/Palin ticket is not outside the realm of possibility.  Both can claim the outsider prospective and both believe that “common sense” qualifies them to govern. Gulp.



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  1. dailycrockett on

    Maybe I’m making this up, but I always felt like Perry was always popular enough to win in Texas, but never really all that popular. That all seemed to change after he started talking about secession. Am I wrong about this? I haven’t been able to dig up any historical data on his approval ratings.

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