It’s not often that Democracy in America misses the mark, but wow, this really misses the mark.  Yes, if you’ve been living in hibernation for the past year, perhaps you would conclude that health care reform is receiving no support from the opposition party because it is pushing the country too far to the left.  This would be, of course, because you are viewing the situation in a vacuum.  However, none of us have been in hibernation.  There is no reason to view this development in a vacuum.  Republicans have said that the number one priority is to get Barack Obama out of office.  They feel that the best way to do this is to defeat his legislative proposals.  The Republican party has also been hijacked by it tea-party wing, which has made it clear that they will front primary challenges to any Republican who even thinks about working with the Democrats.

Anyway, the author also says that the five point margin of victory shows a change in the national mood.  I’m not sure where this is coming from.  For one, Scott Brown did well in districts that really like Barack Obama.  How does one interpret that?  The other thing is that Massachusetts already has a health care system that achieves near universal coverage, so there is much less incentive to vote solely on health care than would be the case in other states.  It’s also important to realize that Scott Brown is thought to be more liberal than Olympia Snowe.  Consider his reasons for opposing health care reform:

1) Massachussettes already has a great health care plan and shouldn’t have to subsidize other states that can’t keep up.

2)Party loyalty.

Not sure that counts as an overwhelming ideological victory.



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