Why Ayn Rand?

By all accounts Ayn Rand was an awful woman, yet she continues to be an intellectual force in many right-wing/libertarian circles. Slate theorizes why she continues to resonate with audiences today:

Rand expresses, with a certain pithy crudeness, an instinct that courses through us all sometimes: I’m the only one who matters! I’m not going to care about any of you any more! She then absolutizes it in an amphetamine Benzedrine-charged reductio ad absurdum by insisting it is the only feeling worth entertaining, ever.

Granted, in the great majority of cases, the right to pursue one’s self interest is an important part of a free society, but Rand takes this to a dangerous extreme. Rand prescribes a breed of capitalism that is inherently inefficient and purposefully heartless. But I can buy into the notion that Rand speaks to the small anarchist in all of us that tells us we are special.


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  1. dailycrockett on

    This makes sense. It also helps explain why many of the Ayn Randers seem to be the people denying the existence of/not caring about global warming.

  2. […] firms leach off the hard earned money of the rest of society, burdening it with extra costs.  As Ayn Rand once said, “Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is […]

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